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A collection of ongoing research projects into the significance of light and its application in different areas of interest.

MANIPULATING FORM Light's ability to alter perceptions

An exploration into the ways lighting can create differing perceptions of a subject by creating a series of images using a structured format in which lighting is the only varied element. The featured collection makes use of an abstract three dimensional form to remove the viewer from any preconceived perceptions.

Light as a physical presence & storyteller


A work in progress performative installation piece exploring the idea of 'life'. Light is used as a physical storytelling device through it's interaction with a single performer, in conjunction with verbatim text. While this wasn't the primary focus of the work, further development of the piece will explore this light/performer relationship and focus on how the two can heighten each other.

Original Collaborators: Jordan Tinniswood, Bradley Crittenden, Sean Becket, Simon Chorley

Light to enhance experience


'Toyshop' is an interactive installation piece that explores the concept of using children's toys and heightening the cause/effect to rekindle an adults enjoyment of them. Fundamentally, this also explored how lighting can heighten an interactive experience.

Collaborators: Chris Hepburn, Nat Green, Adam Richardson

Original Concept by: Jordan Tinniswood & George Lawton


Exploring light as a method of communication

Exploring the possibility of utilising light as a method of delivering information to an observer or participant. Initially, this was a secondary element of an interactive experiment investigating the impact different attributes of light has an an individual's ability to perform physical tasks. The focus on light as a method of communication came from the delivery of instructions. There were no direct instructions given; instead, corridors of light fading in and out were using the indicate where and when to move on.

Collaborators: Edward Scragg, Tamsin Crabtree, Elliott Jones

'Ascension' was a site-specific installation piece that used the idea of guiding light in a more artistic way, using light to guide a viewer's eye around the space and up the staircase to an end point. Also demonstrating how static lighting can infer a narrative and create a sense of movement.

*Winner of both the Artistic and Technical awards at RSL 2018


Collaborators: Jordan Tinniswood, Yann Schirrmeister

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